Landscaping Improvements – March 2015

The Landscape Committee worked hard in 2014 with numerous projects which included improving run off, stopping erosion, removing invasives, planting new trees and shrubs, building stone walls and replacing our aging entrance signs. We worked closely with our landscape architect, Kate Davidson and the landscape vendor Genesis to update our community and make Deepwood a more desirable place to live.

All of the Landscape Committee Reports are on the website and give a more complete description of what is involved to start and complete projects. We walk throughout the community on a regular basis and report to the board.

The Boy Scouts are willing workers and there are numerous areas throughout Deepwood that need work. Our attention this year will be on ivy removal. In 2014 they removed old shrubbery on the advice of the landscape architect and spread wood chips on a large hill near the pool.

The Landscape Committee asked that a native tree, called a Serviceberry, be planted on Horseferry Ct. to honor David Tremaine, who passed away last June. In August, Deepwood lost another well respected resident, John Ottenberg. We also are planting a tree in his memory.

We are looking forward to more landscape projects, particularly plantings around our new entrance signs.

Linda Paine
Landscaping Committee Co-chair