Neighborhood Applause – March 2015

Thank you to Craig and Danielle Mattei for placing rocks below a drainage pipe on their property. This will help to slow the water flowing onto the common ground.

Scott Browning deserves a big pat on his back for removing ivy around a number of trees behind Alsop Ct. Scott is a scout with B.S. Troop 159. Job well done!

Georgina and Jeff Price, along with their son Jake and George Paine spread a large truck load of wood chips on the muddy pathway between Albot Rd. and Alsop Ct.

Thank you to G Ramos Carr, Christian Snell, Glenn Duffield, George Paine and others for removing the numerous grocery carts found in our community.

Ewa Huygens, Marion Rogers, Rebecca Sponga, George and Linda Paine all helped with the rescue of 3 Northern Bobwhite Quail.

Submitted by Linda Paine
Landscaping Committee Co-chair