Sealcoating Update

Dear Neighbors,

After completing the first day of sealcoating the schedule for Friday will be modified to the following:

On the day your court is scheduled for sealcoating, you must park your vehicles away from the court (Glade, Charterhouse, etc) no later than 7:30 a.m.

Also trash or recycle must be taken to the nearest cross street on since the truck will not be able pick up on courts getting the treatment.

Lots will be closed for 24 hours after the work is complete to cure.

Here is the complete schedule and a map:

Monday, October 17th – Black

  • Abercorn Court
  • Horseferry Court
  • Heathcote Court
  • Ravensdon Court
  • Travistock Court
Wednesday, October 19th – GREEN
  • Wanda Way
  • Duke of Bedford Court
  • Albot Road
  • St. Trinians Court
  • St. Johnsbury Court
Friday, October 21st – BLUE
  • Dunlop Court
  • Albot Court
  • Sloane Court
  • Harleyford Court
Monday, October 24th – ORANGE
  • Ansdel Court
  • Alsop Court