NRP Portal Login Information and FAQ

The document above details how to login to the NRP Portal which will give you access to the following features:

  • Convenient bill pay service including use of one time or recurring eCheck, credit card payments or auto draft.
  • An interactive communication tool between you and your Community Management Team
  • The ability to send service requests and view their status
  • The ability to submit architectural requests to your board or committee
  • A place to easily view and respond to notices and emails from your community
  • A platform through which to get current information about your community

COVID-19 Impacts

Deepwood Neighbors,

COVID-19 has had serious impacts on all of our lives and the following are the alerts from Deepwood HOA vendors as well as some guidance:

Deepwood Guidance:

The Governor of Virginia closed schools for at least the rest of the school year and signed an executive order instituting several mandatory measures for at least 30 days aimed at slowing the spread of the respiratory virus COVID-19 in our state. Businesses not complying with the order will be charged with a class 1 misdemeanor. All Virginians must cease from gatherings of ten people or more and engage in social distancing, keeping six feet from each other to avoid spreading the virus. 
We encourage Deepwood residents to abide by these rules for the health and safety of residents who may have or will contract the virus in order to preserve badly-needed hospital equipment such as ventilators. 
What can I do?

  1. Practice social distancing and ensure your children do the same: stay at least six feet away from anyone who doesn’t live in your house, do not congregate in groups, and avoid areas where more than ten people are present. 
  2. Emphasize the importance of the above for children who are old enough to go outside unsupervised. 
  3. Do not hoard food or supplies. As you’ll see below, grocery stores/pharmacies/home supply stores and the supply lines that support them will remain open and while it is always advisable to have some extra food, hoarding prevents your neighbors from getting what they need. 
  4. If you have medical supplies like gloves or masks and are not sick, strongly consider donating them to a local hospital with an Intensive Care Unit where they are badly needed and will be used to save lives. 
  5. Stay in phone/email contact with your neighbors. They (or you) may need help if unable to go get groceries or vital supplies should they be on quarantine with COVID-19 or self-isolating while awaiting test results or following exposure to someone who has tested positive. 
  6. Keep your trash in bins instead of bags on the street if at all possible, take time to collect your own trash should raccoons get into it, and be patient with our trash service  Trash collectors are terrified of contracting COVID-19 on the job and as such trash companies are likely to be short staffed, delayed in pickups, and justifiably reluctant to go through loose garbage raccoons have scattered. 

The following measures will be in place for businesses for at least 30 days:
-grocery stores, pharmacies, businesses in the supply chain, and other essential businesses outlined below will remain open. 

-restaurants are closed to dine-in service but will remain open with take-out, curbside pickup, delivery options.

-nonessential retail businesses will confine the number of shoppers to 10 or fewer to enable six feet of distancing

-recreation and entertainment businesses such as bowling alleys and theaters are closed
Businesses that must close include:

• Theaters, performing arts centers, concert venues, museums, and other indoor entertainment centers;
• Fitness centers, gymnasiums, recreation centers, indoor sports facilities, indoor exercise facilities;
• Beauty salons, barber shops, spas, massage parlors, tanning salons, tattoo shops, and any other location where personal care or personal grooming services are performed that would not allow compliance with social distancing guidelines to remain six feet apart;
• Racetracks and historic horse racing facilities;
• Bowling alleys, skating rinks, arcades, amusement parks, trampoline parks, fairs, arts and craft facilities, aquariums, zoos, escape rooms, indoor shooting ranges, public and private social clubs, and all other places of indoor public amusement.

Here’s a comprehensive list of businesses considered essential that may remain open during normal hours:

• Grocery stores, pharmacies, and other retailers that sell food and beverage products or pharmacy products, including dollar stores, and department stores with grocery or pharmacy operations;
• Medical, laboratory, and vision supply retailers;
• Electronic retailers that sell or service cell phones, computers, tablets, and other communications technology;
• Automotive parts, accessories, and tire retailers as well as automotive repair facilities;
• Home improvement, hardware, building material, and building supply retailers;
• Lawn and garden equipment retailers;
• Beer, wine, and liquor stores;
• Retail functions of gas stations and convenience stores;
• Retail located within healthcare facilities;
• Banks and other financial institutions with retail functions;
• Pet stores and feed stores;
• Printing and office supply stores; and
• Laundromats and dry cleaners.

Notice from NRP:

NRP / COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Protocol effective 3/16/20 

Dear Directors, 

During this challenging time, we want to assure you that NRP is well equipped to meet the operating needs of the associations we manage. However, as you might expect, it simply cannot be “business as usual”. 

The pandemic experts all have one common theme to their recommended protocols: modify our behaviors in order to reduce the chance of the virus spreading. 

Simply put, we must modify how we accomplish our goals in order to adapt to the challenges brought on by this pandemic. Further, we must do our best to promote the health and safety of our staff, vendors, community members and family members. 

Anyone can be carrying the virus without knowing it; therefore, we must reduce exposure to each other to the greatest extent possible, with an even greater emphasis for those people who might have compromised health conditions. 

With this in mind, we have developed an office wide (both home office and site locations) operating protocol as follows: 

• NRP is well equipped to work remotely with a skeleton staff at our headquarters and onsite offices. A majority of our Managers and support staff will be working remotely, whenever possible, until further notice. If you need to contact your Manager, please use email communications as much as possible. This will allow us to act more efficiently if others need to be brought into “conversations” when necessary. In the event you have an urgent matter to discuss, please call. Your call will be forwarded to your manager. Emergency calls should be called in through the afterhours emergency service as usual when the office is closed. “Emergencies” are defined as a threat to life or property. The afterhours emergency call number is: 703-476-3639 

• Given the suggested protocols from the pandemic experts, NRP’s Partners have decided to prohibit staff from attending meetings in person. If your Board should decide a meeting is imperative, our team will set up and attend virtual conference calls by telephone or video conferencing, whichever you prefer. Please note: The Commonwealth of Virginia has specific laws regarding teleconferencing. If you have questions regarding Board Meeting procedures online or via telephone, you may want to consult your attorney. We understand most of the law firms we work with have recently issued statements regarding this matter. 

• NRP will be discouraging visits to the office. Almost everything people need can be done electronically or by mail. We will try to keep consistent office hours at our headquarters office, but that is certainly based on our ability to maintain enough staff to be able to serve that office. Onsite offices in general will be closed to visitors. If you have something urgent, please email the manager and arrangements will be made as needed. 

• We will be using our company and client websites to communicate NRP information and community specific communications. We may also issue periodic updates via e-mail blasts. 

• Since it is not business as usual, inquiries and requests from the Board and community members will be handled in the order of urgency. People should feel free to contact their manager by email with issues as normal, but they should only expect urgent issues to be addressed in the near term. Non urgent action items will be compiled and handled as time and circumstances permit. 

• It should be expected that the ability and timeliness of vendors to provide services will be affected, as they deal with effects of the pandemic. We will be keeping in touch with your vendors, and update you as needed. 

• For NRP, our “best practices” during this difficult time will include guaranteed pay for all our employees both at headquarters and onsite. They will not be charged “sick time” if they need to call out due to a health concern. We do not want one of our employees bringing an infection to another individual, or family member, that may have a compromised health condition. 

Board/Association Responsibilities 

What responsibilities does the Board/ association have in this pandemic? From a legal point of view, the association’s legal council should be consulted. We will pass on any communication we receive from your attorney. 

Common recommendations include: 

1. Closing common area gathering places of the Association such as gyms, clubhouses and other close contact locations. 

2. Discourage residents from gathering in groups in hallways, etc. 

3. Cancel any community events. 

4. Cancel meetings of the Board unless it is imperative you meet and even then, do not conduct the meeting in person. As mentioned earlier, consider handling necessary Board business by email or virtual meetings and follow attorney guidelines for ratification of actions at the next meeting. NRP can provide technology such that no one needs to be together in a room, while allowing members to listen to those meetings and submit their member forum’s comments/questions electronically during the meeting. I understand that this violates the open meeting provisions technically, but in these extraordinary times, we cannot imagine that a court or the CICB would censure an association for conducting their meetings, which in spirit continues to honor the open meeting requirement. Please also consult your attorney. 

5. When things return to normal, the Board can ratify the actions taken at these special meetings and it will all be fine. 

6. Keep pools closed. 

7. Discontinue any vehicle towing for lack of permits or other reasons that would require someone to come to the NRP offices. The exception would be towing from fire lanes or other situations where safety is impacted. 

8. Board members should be cautious of their word selection when talking to community members about association responsibilities regarding the protection of their health. Association management companies are getting calls from community members wondering what we are doing to protect their health and the Board will most likely get the same inquiries. The fact is community members are the only ones who can protect their own health. CDC guidelines are very clear regarding this concern; every individual must take personal responsibility. Best practices must be followed to avoid getting infected or to avoid infecting others. 

9. You should avoid using words like “providing a safe” or “healthy” space with reference to association responsibilities to its members. Be careful about using words that can imply you are singling them out based on their physical condition or other descriptive trait as you could be violating federal and/or state laws. Best intentions can easily lead a well-meaning Board member down the wrong path. Consulting your attorney and manager together should be your first action if you do not know how to deal with a situation. 

As time goes on and we learn more, we will keep you updated. This is an event most of us have never experienced. Calling it a learning experience is an understatement! But we are in this together and together we will persevere! We thank you in advance for your patience! 

Notice from Bates Trucking Trash Removal:



Fairfax County Collections Operations

  1. Support for community clean-ups is suspended.
  2. Bulk/brush and electronic waste collection is suspended.
  3. Yard waste collection is suspended.
  4. Customers who have been provided with trash carts must set-out waste in those carts only.
  5. The creation of new sanitary districts has been suspended.
  6. Support for Operation Stream Shield (litter removal program) is suspended.

For more information about the changes in Fairfax County Collections please check out their website at

Any further changes in services will be reported immediately. Thanks for doing business with Bates Trucking.

Bruce A. Bates

Bates Trucking Trash Removal, Inc

(301) 773-2069 Corporate Office

Notice from Premier Aquatics:

March 13, 2020

RE: Statement on current recent events involving COVID-19

Dear Valued Customers:

We want to take a moment to contact you in regard to the recent events involving COVID-19. Premier Aquatics has been taking steps to ensure that we have a comprehensive business plan in place to protect our staff, our business and our customers.

Premier Aquatics is actively monitoring the latest information and will comply with all recommendations from the CDC, Local Health authorities, and the US. Department of State.

We have always had staff members who are responsible for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting our facility on a continuous basis. Every staff member in our building is assisting in continuous sanitizing and cleaning all public areas including their own personal workspace. We have hand sanitizing (while still available) in the office, retrained our staff on proper hygiene, handwashing techniques, and staying home when sick.

We are also keeping a close eye on the status of International travel for our employees. The current travel ban from Europe for 30-days should not impact our International staff to arrive in time for the upcoming pool season. There is a temporary pause of International Exchange Program due to the COVID-19 virus, once the pause is removed, our current staff will continue to do Embassy interviews and make arrangements for the upcoming pool season. We will keep monitoring the situation on any new restrictions that may come in the future. We are also continuing our hiring of our domestic staff for the upcoming pool season. Unfortunately, we have had to change some dates for lifeguard training classes, hiring events, etc. due to the current situation.

We have been working daily on getting pool facilities ready for the upcoming pool season. We have started the draining of pools, acid wash/cleaning of pools, service work in progress, etc.

We will continue to monitor this fluid situation daily. For 22 years, Premier Aquatics has demonstrated unwavering support to our customers in past situations, and in dealing with the present circumstances, we will continue to use every effort to deliver uninterrupted service to all our customers.

March 30, 2020

Dear Valued Customers:

UPDATE from our March 20th message. 

We would like to inform you about our status in regard to the upcoming 2020 swimming pool season & the COVID-19 virus.

We are considered an essential business for water/chemical management.  It is very important to have the swimming pools in the area filtering and chemically treated to reduce problems with insects (especially mosquitos) and algae in the water. 

We are continuing to monitor the latest information from the CDC, Local Health Dept & Federal Government about the COVID-19 virus and following the recommendations set forth. We use the social distancing & handwashing policy recommendations in our company whether we are in the field, at a supplier and/or our office.  We are keeping our office cleaned and sanitized during office hours.

We have been actively recruiting (Internationally & Domestically) since last September for this upcoming pool season. Our International recruiting hiring was finished in preparation for the upcoming pool season this past January and many lifeguard-training classes have been completed to be ready for the upcoming pool season. Currently, our recruiting staff is working remotely doing interviews with seasonal staff through Facetime, Skype, telephone, etc. for hiring for the upcoming pool season. We continue to interview and hire staff on a regular basis to be prepared for the upcoming season. Due to the ban on International travel, the International J-1 Visa Program has been put a temporary hold until May 11th.  This current ban runs out prior to the arrival of most of our staff from Europe and Asia so we are hopeful that our International staff will arrive in time for the pool season. We will update you if any changes occur with the travel ban.

In preparation for this upcoming season, we have been working hard since last Fall through now to be ready for this pool season. It does not always seem that we are doing a lot during the off-season, but that is a critical time for us to be prepared for the next pool season.  We are always recruiting and training new staff for the upcoming pool seasons. Outside of resigning current customers, finding new clients, etc., we have worked on purchasing needed parts, supplies, equipment, chemicals, securing the best insurance policies, etc (there are too many things to name). Plus, and most importantly, we want to keep all of our full-time year-round staff employed & paid through this hard time. We take great pride in having the best year-round staff in the industry.

Premier Aquatics has been hard at work since March 1st getting pools ready for the upcoming season. We are currently draining and cleaning the swimming pools in preparation for the upcoming pool season (not many left to do). We have re-installed all of our pool pumps from off-season maintenance and storage, started delivering chemicals, started operating filter systems, weekly chemical treatment & cleaning, electrical inspections, started the application & permit process, while also starting any service work (resurfacing, replacement of tile, coping & caulking, etc) to be ready for operation.

Premier Aquatics is working very hard to get the pool facilities ready in time for the upcoming pool season while complying with all the current recommendations and restrictions concerning this virus outbreak. There is a lot of work that needs to be done, in a short period of time, for us to have swimming pool facilities ready for operation. The COVID-19 situation is making this process even harder.

We thank you for your continued business and commitment to us! We will get through this hard time.

Please stay safe & stay healthy!

Charterhouse Road Repair

Many residents have expressed their concerns over the state of the Charterhouse Circle. Repairs to this roadway are handled by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). VDOT relies on us to help keep them informed when a road is in distress. To let VDOT know that you want the roadway to be repaired please use the following link:

Then select the option “I need a road repaired” and “Something Else” from the drop down that appears the to right of the selected option. Once those options are selected you can click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.

For consistency I would recommend answering the location questions as follows:

Please tell us the address where the work is needed: Charterhouse Circle    City or Town: Reston                                                                                                                     ZIP Code: 20191                                                                                                                    Provide the nearest cross street or intersection and any other specific location details: Charterhouse Circle & Glade Drive

Once that information is provided you can hit “Continue” at the bottom of the page.

The next page offers you the opportunity to explain the issues on Charterhouse Circle where you can can write about the potholes and bumps that make the road terrible to drive on. You even have the option to upload a picture of the issues.

You can click “Continue” again to get to the last screen where they will ask for your contact  information so that the you can then submit the request.

We’ve created a form that you can enter your request numbers so that we can raise our concerns to VDOT and our elected officials to have this issue resolved.

Happy Holidays,

G RamosCarr

Volunteer President of the Deepwood Homeowners Association



2016 Winter Trash Service

The Holiday season is quickly approaching and we would like to remind you of our Christmas tree collection schedule and inclement weather policy. Since Christmas Day 2016 and New Year’s Day 2017 fall on a Sunday, there will be no service disruptions as a result of the aforementioned holidays.

Christmas Tree Collection

Christmas trees will be collected on Wednesday, January 4th and Wednesday, January 11th.

o Trees should be completely bare. All tinsel and ornaments should be removed.

o Trees must be placed at the curb prior to 6:00am.

Inclement Weather Policy

You may experience service disruptions due to inclement weather. Please read our inclement weather policy below.

Winter brings cold weather that may disrupt services. Icy roads and snow are causes for service alterations and cancellations. Services impacted by winter weather may begin late on the day affected, may be cancelled at some point throughout the day, or may be cancelled altogether. When service is cancelled due to inclement weather we will return on the next regularly scheduled collection day. CSI will not put our employees and community in danger to try and provide service when road conditions are too unsafe to operate our collection vehicles. In the event of inclement weather, please stay tuned to our website for updates. We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season!

Con-Serv Industries | 703.444.3181 | |


Deepwood residents: this year, the ACC has VERY EXCITING NEWS! The ACC will hold a HOLIDAY HOME DECORATING CONTEST with PRIZES!!! During the month of December (starting the evening of the 11th and ending by Christmas eve), the ACC members will tour the community and select 3 homes to receive a $25 gift card prize each for being awarded the best in one of the following 3 categories:

1) Most fun for children
2) Most traditional/colonial in design
3) Most creative/unique

There will also be a special mention for the most decorated row of homes (or court), so get your neighbors to join in on the fun for the special mention! It is our hope this will be a great community builder and bring fun and beautiful lights to our great neighborhood during the holidays. All townhomes and single family homes are eligible for this contest, with exception of the ones owned by the ACC members.

The prizes for the 3 winners will be announced and provided at the January HOA meeting held on 1/18/17, so please join us! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask by emailing the ACC Chair. Please tell all your neighbors about this fun contest!

~Proudly sponsored by the Deepwood ACC

Sealcoating Update

Dear Neighbors,

After completing the first day of sealcoating the schedule for Friday will be modified to the following:

On the day your court is scheduled for sealcoating, you must park your vehicles away from the court (Glade, Charterhouse, etc) no later than 7:30 a.m.

Also trash or recycle must be taken to the nearest cross street on since the truck will not be able pick up on courts getting the treatment.

Lots will be closed for 24 hours after the work is complete to cure.

Here is the complete schedule and a map:

Monday, October 17th – Black

  • Abercorn Court
  • Horseferry Court
  • Heathcote Court
  • Ravensdon Court
  • Travistock Court
Wednesday, October 19th – GREEN
  • Wanda Way
  • Duke of Bedford Court
  • Albot Road
  • St. Trinians Court
  • St. Johnsbury Court
Friday, October 21st – BLUE
  • Dunlop Court
  • Albot Court
  • Sloane Court
  • Harleyford Court
Monday, October 24th – ORANGE
  • Ansdel Court
  • Alsop Court


New Trash Service

Con-Serv Industries, Inc (CSI) is our new service provider for Trash, Recycling, Yard Waste, and Bulk Item removal. If you should have any questions regarding the service or any related questions, please contact CSI’s Customer Service Department at (703)444-3181 or email us at

Service Days:

  • Trash- Mondays & Thursdays
  • Recycling – Wednesdays
  • Yard Waste – Mondays
  • Bulk Items – Thursdays

Trash & Recycling Collection:

  • Please have your container placed out on the curb the evening before collection or by 6:00am the day of service.
  • Cardboard that does not fit inside your trash container will only be collected on your recycling collection day.
  • To better assist the collection crew, please place the containers at curbside, with the wheels/handle pointed away from the curb (the lid should open towards the road).
  • Please use good judgment when placing items near your curbside collection site. Our crews are trained to do a thorough job; therefore anything left near the containers may be collected.
  • CSI will provide a 14 gallon recycling bin at no additional cost. To request a 14 gallon recycling bin go to the following website and fill out the form Recycling Bin Request Form

Yard Waste Collection:

  • Dirt, rocks, mulch, stumps, and sod are unacceptable and will not be collected.
  • Branches/brush should be TIED IN BUNDLES ^Bundles can be no longer than an arm’s length). Limbs should be no longer than 4′ in length, 3″ in width.
  • Yard waste is considered a by-product of regular yard maintenance (i.e. grass clippings, leaves, twigs, and small shrubs) and NOT the result of a landscaping renovation.

Special/Bulk Items:
CSI provides bulk-pickup of furniture and certain large household items (Not to exceed two cubic yards). Please call to schedule bulk-pickup prior to noon the day before collection. There are charges associated with certain bulk items and excessive bulk and must be PRE-PAID prior to removal.

CSI will provide trash and recycling service on most holidays that fall on a regularly scheduled pick up day, with the exception of NEW YEAR’S DAY, 4th of JULY, THANKSGIVING DAY, and CHRISTMAS DAY, or when the County landfill facility chooses to close. When a designated pickup day falls on one of these holidays, collection will be on the next regularly scheduled pickup day.

Inclement Weather:
Alerts are posted on our website ( when we are not running due to inclement weather. CSI does not make up for missed collections due to inclement weather. We will pick-up the additional items on your next regularly scheduled collection day.

Christmas Trees:
Christmas trees will be removed during the first two weeks of January on two specified days, CSI will give sufficient notice to the community manager. Christmas trees should not be placed in bags and should have all tinsel and ornaments removed. Trees must be placed on the curb prior to 6:00 a.m. on the designated collection day.

Pet Waste Stations

At the Board of Directors meeting in February six pet waste stations were approved. These stations will be dispersed throughout the community and will be emptied on a weekly basis. The green markers show where the pet waste stations will be located.

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 8.10.42 PM

Pipe Insurance


This scene has become a common, distressing occurrence in our neighborhood. In the past couple of years we have seen more pipe failures, due to the type of pipes that were used during construction of our homes and their deterioration over time. Fairfax Water explains that their responsibility for the pipe is only to the valve and from there into the house is the responsibility of the homeowner. When these pipes or sewer pipes fail the cost can be thousands of dollars. Dominion power offers insurance that covers these issues: