Easter Egg Hunt

Mark your calendars!

The annual Deepwood Easter Egg Hunt will be held Saturday, April 4 at 10:30 a.m at the Charterhouse playground.

Please contact Erin Snell if you’re interested in volunteering. More details to follow!

President’s Post – March 2015

The beginning of 2015 has been a very busy time for Deepwood. We’ve had snow and sun and more snow. Lately the sidewalks have been very icy so please be careful when you’re out for a walk.

The board has approved the latest tree proposal that focuses on tree maintenance, so for the next couple of months you should see Growing Earth around the property working on more than 70 different trees. We have also renewed our contract for cleanup and disposal of the pet waste stations. Review of the association documents has begun and will hopefully culminate in a vote at this year’s annual meeting.

Please remember that the Deepwood Board of Directors and Committees are comprised of volunteers and we would like to see anyone with time or ability volunteer to make this community even more amazing.

Semper Fidelis,

G RamosCarr
President, Deepwood HOA

Trash Reminders – March 2015

Here are a few helpful reminders from Deepwood’s Trash Policy that will help keep our neighborhood looking clean and attractive:

  1. GENERAL: Trash is picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays (except Christmas and New Year’s Day). Pickup normally occurs around 8 am so it’s a good idea to put your trash out by 7 am on collection (pickup) days. Should you miss a pickup, please remove your trash from the curb until the next collection day.
  2. TRASH IN CONTAINERS: Place trash in sealed hard plastic or metal containers at curbside no earlier than the night (after dark) before pickup. Remove containers from the curb no later than 9 pm on the day of collection. Remember to mark your trash containers with your house number.
  3. TRASH IN BAGS: Do not put out trash in plastic or paper bags until the morning of pickup (not the night before). Leaving bagged trash on the curb overnight brings unwanted animals and disease to our neighborhood. Please be sure to tie your bags securely before putting them out for pickup.
  4. SNOW CONDITIONS: Place trash containers and bags away from locations where plows may cover them. White trash bags have been known to end up as frozen relics in snow banks after plowing.

Landscaping Improvements – March 2015

The Landscape Committee worked hard in 2014 with numerous projects which included improving run off, stopping erosion, removing invasives, planting new trees and shrubs, building stone walls and replacing our aging entrance signs. We worked closely with our landscape architect, Kate Davidson and the landscape vendor Genesis to update our community and make Deepwood a more desirable place to live.

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Try a No Salt Diet – March 2015

salt on sidewalk

Please be kind to your plants and trees this winter. Salt is very harmful and can lead to decline and ultimately death if used near them. To lessen the ill effects of salt, use alternative deicing salts such as calcium chloride and calcium magnesium acetate. Sand is also a good alternative. Remember, if you have to use salt, a thin layer is best. If you see salt remaining on the sidewalk after the ice has melted, you have used too much. Layers of salt (as noted in this photo) will damage the pavement and is especially harmful to the paws of our pets as they walk through it. Salt is also damaging to our streams and rivers.

Linda Paine
Landscaping Committee Co-chair

Rare sighting of Northern Bobwhite – March 2015

Northern Bobwhite

Early morning on February 6, Rebecca Sponga of Alsop Ct. noticed an unusual bird under the overhang of a nearby deck. George Paine took pictures, which helped confirm the presence of a Northern Bobwhite Quail. It is unusual to see one here, especially during these cold winter days. The Northern Bobwhite is in severe decline and efforts to increase their numbers is a top priority among conservationists.

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