Trash Policy Updated

The Deepwood trash policy has been updated. The notable change is a $40 fine that’s applied to the second and subsequent violations within a year.

To make searching through the policy easier, we’ve converted it to HTML format and added it to this blog site. You can find it under Policy on the top menu, or at this link:

End of the School Year PIZZA Party! – June 15

Heads up on this year’s End of the School Year Pizza Party… since the last day of school is a full day this year, the pizza party will start at 4 pm on June 15 at the Deepwood pool.

The cost is $5 per person which includes pizza, drinks and dessert. Mark your calendars!

And if you haven’t picked up your pool pass yet, they’re still being issued 11am-1pm, Sat & Sun through June.

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Landscape Committee Update

Genesis has been very busy lately! The large stump at the Duke of Bedford tot-lot was removed by the tree service, and Genesis has filled in the hole. The area was leveled and seeded, and broken and rotten timbers were replaced. The old timbers between Horseferry and Harleyford Cts. have been removed, and the depressions were filled in and covered with straw. The streets have been cleaned of sand and winter debris.

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Tree Committee Update

Our tree service, Growing Earth, recently completed an extensive amount of tree work throughout the community. The total amount of the proposal was $44,417. However, with the time and materials rate Growing Earth gives our community, the actual cost was $31,790 for a savings of $12,627.

The tree committee recently held a meeting where we discussed the walkabouts that are being done in preparation for our orientation walk with the arborist. The goal of this orientation walk will be informing the committee regarding tree care. Committee members were encouraged to bring cameras to take pictures of common area tree issues. Other walkthroughs will be scheduled in order to cover all of Deepwood.  The Tree Committee has met off and on over the years, beginning in the early 1980’s.

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Invasive Plant Removal Day – May 5th

Here’s a note from Linda Paine, Tree Committee Chair, on this weekend’s invasive plant removal day:

May 5, 2012 is Virginia Invasive Plant Removal Day. English Ivy is at the top of the list in Deepwood. However, there are a number of other invasives such as garlic mustard which produces a chemical that alters the soil and prevents other native plants from thriving. Any efforts to remove the invasives in our community are greatly appreciated.

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